PR: River City Rhythm & Rock Festival Returns: An Unparalleled Fusion of Music, Arts, and Community

PR: River City Rhythm & Rock Festival Returns: An Unparalleled Fusion of Music, Arts, and Community

FITCHBURG, MA – As anticipation mounts, the second annual River City Rhythm & Rock Festival (RCRRF) is set to once again ignite the creative spirits of North Central MA. This vibrant celebration of music, arts, and community is slated to unfold on Saturday, September 9th, from 2-10 p.m., at Fitchburg’s picturesque Riverfront Park. The RCRRF promises an immersive experience that transcends boundaries, inviting attendees to immerse themselves in an eclectic tapestry of artistic expression.

Collaboratively envisioned by Thurston Consort and Young Coff33 Productions, the RCRRF seamlessly intertwines chamber music and Hip Hop, crafting a captivating narrative of unity. Guided by the visionary leadership of Noel Plouffe from Thurston Consort and Derek “YDD” Craig from Young Coff33 Productions, this dynamic partnership serves as a conduit for local artists and creatives to shine.

At the heart of the festival lies its vibrant stages: the renowned Riverfront Park stage and the dynamic Activate Mill Street stage. The curated lineup boasts a kaleidoscope of exceptional acts that epitomize the essence of North Central MA’s artistic richness.

ME978 and DineroLifestyle LLC, an independent recording label firmly rooted in Fitchburg’s soil, will grace the stage with their distinctive sounds. Leading the charge is ME978, fresh from igniting the Fuego Base tour, where he opened the New England leg of the monumental “Biggest Since Camby” tour. Not to be outdone, the explosive impact of W3 May B3 Cuzns reverberates through their album “CUZNS,” promising a fiery stage presence. Joined by a chorus of North Central MA artists, the festival lineup transforms into a sonic odyssey.

Dazzling performances by SG and BURGFAM Ent, who left audiences awe-struck last year, further solidifying their status as hip-hop maestros. Infusing youthful zeal, SG and his hip-hop peers are poised to create show-stopping spectacles that define the essence of artistry.

The festival echoes through the virtual realm with internet sensation Garrett Mahoney, whose captivating online presence and support make him a notable performer. Currently touring with Grieves across Boston and southern New England, Mahoney’s music finds resonance on platforms like TikTok and YouTube. The lineup gleams further with AV-8 and Respected Rejectz, independent labels born in 2021, whose performances shine a spotlight on North Central MA’s musical prowess. SHUGG, driving the movement of “Trap > Rap,” ignites local communities with collaborations that herald the future of music and artistry in North Central Mass. His trailblazing spirit, including visuals like “CLEVELAND MASSACHUSETTS” featuring Doe Boy, signifies a new era of artistic achievement.

The festival extends its embrace to diverse genres, with Bone Crushin’ Dogs channeling folk-punk vigor, Merrick Henry weaving captivating melodies, and the comedic genius of Sam Buck, a prominent figure from the Bucked Up podcast, adding humor to the festival’s vibrancy.

Visual Masterpieces and Captivating Artistry Elevate the Experience

The RCRRF’s creative collaborations add depth to its allure. Looks Legit, an artistic dynamo, conjures mesmerizing visual projections that transform the festival as daylight fades. The unveiling of the Looking Glass, an interactive video art creation, ignites wonder and engagement. Jesse the Tree, a hip-hop luminary, graces the stage, while local legend SPEK(T)63 creates live street art performances. Attendees can savor Nick Shea’s famed $1 hand-drawn portraits, featured in national news, and marvel at the craftsmanship of Chronic Glass.

As the RCRRF showcases the prowess of local artists, the festival extends its embrace to businesses. The Boulder Cafe, a beloved Fitchburg cornerstone, serves refreshments for 21+ attendees. Bounce houses, giant lawn games, and free water stations elevate the festive atmosphere.

Community partners, including Intown Fitchburg, Parks and Recreation, and NewVue Communities, champion the festival’s commitment to nurturing arts and culture. Notably, Center for Community Progress advocates for art’s transformative power in addressing complex social issues.

As Riverfront Park prepares to ignite with music, arts, and unity on September 9th, we invite the community to be part of the vibrant canvas that is the River City Rhythm & Rock Festival.

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